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April 9, 2009

A lot has been happening in the SK world since we last updated the blog. Way back in early December of 2008, SK set up shop in the Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia. The show was, by all accounts, a knockout, with Steve creating a full scale environment with his work, including several massive, mural-like paintings highlighting great moments in C’ville history. Here’s two videos of the show shot by local attendees:

Steve giving a great explanation of his artistic practice and project:

And a shorter one of SK at work:

From the temperate climes of Virginia, The SK clan decamped to a tropical outpost in the Florida Keys for a New Year’s residency at The Studios at Key West. No flatboat to fishing to speak of, but certainly a number of rave reviews.

This week, SK returns to Brooklyn from yet another journey south. The Green Building, in Louisville, Kentucky, a gallery and art space focused on providing a forum for discussions of sustainable building and design, will be housing SK artwork through May 29th. If you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by. Details here.

Finally, SK collaborated with writer and artist Clinton Krute last summer on several forays into experimental animation, the results of which can be seen below and at Vimeo (for higher quality). For “Mr. Jaws,” Steve gave Clint a bunch of Jaws images, out which a narrative (of some kind) was constructed. Enjoy:

And, more self-explanatory (as well as incantatory):

Thanks. More updates soon, please check back in. Comments are welcome.