April 9, 2008


In 1998 Steve took his shtick down to Houston, Texas’ Rice Gallery at Rice University. The photo below is taken from the gallery’s lovely web page dedicated to the Fresh Art Daily show. Just click the guitars: you will find therein a number of beautiful and educational photopics.

Here’s a bonus link to an article on the Rice Gallery that mentions the show. The part on SK starts right around the picture of “Bamboo Roof.” And one more bonus here, a contemporary article and interview with the artist. Possibly taken from a student newspaper.


3 Responses to “OLD RICE”

  1. patricia Says:

    I recently wrote a few words to say thanks for the energy & inspiration you gave through your stile of working. It was after seeing the film fresh art daily on arte television.
    And then there was the question: Do you want to work with steve side by side and I said yes… and I wrote yes.
    And I am still waiting for the answer and me I am so

    I made a link on my side and wanted to give a picture there to, but is this ok for you or will someone arrest me for that???

    P. http://www.verbalart.de

  2. Maya Says:

    I went to the show at Rice several times. It was a treat to see SK work. In the end, I went home with several pieces, 4 chairs, and even two signs on the last Sunday, including this yellow and red one pictured in an old apartment:

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