Miracle Half Mile: 10,000 Paintings (2001)

February 29, 2008

From December 1, 2000 to January 28, 2001, Steve resided at the Santa Monica Museum of Art for a painting performance and exhibition of his work entitled Miracle Half Mile: 10,000 Paintings. Steve set up camp in the center of the main gallery space, and painted throughout the day. Museum patrons could watch, ask questions, and drop cash into a box in exchange for paintings. Steve covered the museum walls with his brightly colored work, much of it depicting Los Angeles landmarks such as the Capitol Records Building or the Hollywood Bowl. By the end of the two month residency, all the paintings made had been sold. Daniel Akst’s review of the show for The New York Times can be read here.


If anyone has SK artwork hanging in their homes, studios, offices or barns we’d like to see it, and then share it with everyone else too! Email pictures of SK art sightings to SKSKBLOG@gmail.com and they’ll be posted shortly. Thanks ahead of time!


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