Over 36,000 Sold (1998)

February 27, 2008

Here’s something of an addendum to last week’s post on Fresh Art Daily, the documentary about two guys wandering around looking for Steve. I’m pretty sure he’s listed, but without these oversights, we wouldn’t have any documentaries about guys wandering around in search of stuff, would we? Good luck guys, wherever you are…

This amazing little documentary below finds SK early and stays with him. It’s a short film, in the cinema verite tradition, that follows the painter through a typical day of art-making. It’s really very good and gives us a glance into Steve’s creative process, circa ’98, which apparently included White Zombie. There are a ton of beautiful images and moments throughout as well as some very insightful comments by Steve. Over 36,000 Sold was directed by Brett Vapnek, who’s made videos for bands like Spoon and Sleater-Kinney, which you can watch here. Watch the video in full screen here, it’s worth it. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.vimeo.com posted with vodpod


2 Responses to “Over 36,000 Sold (1998)”

  1. Alex Cook Says:

    This video is awesome!

    You’re the man. You’re very much an entrepreneur in art.

    This is a super inspiring video about working hard and loving what you do.

  2. daryia Says:

    I still have one of your paintings from 1997 when my class went to the moore college of art and design.it was the best ten dollar voucher for a painting ever.I see it everyday and my kids love it.

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