Fresh Art Daily / Linden Show

February 22, 2008

Fresh Art Daily, the 2004 documentary on SK, directed by Andrea Geiger and Thomas Schlottmann, has an imdb page, though not apparently a release date. It sounds fascinating, here’s hoping they find a way to get that thing out there and into our homes. If you’re located near a film festival, check the line-up (though I’m pretty sure it’s no longer on the festival circuit). Here’s the link to the Berlinale Internationale Filmfestspiele’s archived page for the film’s 2004 screening. For more information on this feature film about a pilgrimage to SK Art, download der Katalog at the bottom of the Berlinale page.


Digging deeper into the scattered SK web archive, here’s a great and informative page for Steve’s 2002 show at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Art in Victoria, Australia. A nice looking site with tons of great pictures, including the one you see above.



One Response to “Fresh Art Daily / Linden Show”

  1. Hugo S.P. Says:

    Thank you for posting this!
    I love the Fall and I Love Queen Victoria!

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