February 10, 2008

unless you’re shopping for SK art, that is…

For those of you who missed it, the SKSK store located at 85 Wythe St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is sadly NO MORE. Happily,
you can still get your brightly painted, printed and jigsawed artifacts of Steve’s ongoing journey toward the end of paint and wafer board at the NEW LOCATION, 93 Guernsey St in Greenpoint. It’s just a few blocks away from the old place. The store is open for business on Sundays from 2 pm to 6 pm or by appointment. Please direct further curiousity to this well-crafted, educational page at the mother site, and please stop by to buy buy buy and buy some more. Get ’em quick, before the market crashes, Obama/Clinton declare martial law and we’re using Steve’s work as Road Warrior style armor.

In other time-soaked jams, you may have missed Steve’s starring role in the music video for 80’s Aussie mopers the Triffids’ 80’s mopefest (with truly uplifting chorus) “Save What You Can” from their 1987 album “Calenture.” Directed by Braden King and released in conjunction with Domino Records’ reissue programme of the this under-appreciated band’s albums, the video features footage of SK painting a Scandanavian lady, or rather, her portrait. Enjoy…

Here’re a couple of bonus 90’s throwback’s featuring SK’s inimitable set designs:

Taco Bell Location Myths:

And, in honor of Matt Pinfield’s upcoming CW reality show, “Wrinkled Cueball Looking for Love in the City of Angels”:

This one’s just for fun (while I’m posting videos):


Here’s a site featuring some pre-2000 shots of Steve in the studio as well as some good photos of old paintings. All else is mysterious regarding this primo google find. All queries will be recieve the same answer: “Wikipedia. Panacea.”

Don’t tune us out, there’s an epic interview in the pipeline for this week, when I get a minute to spruce it up.


2 Responses to “SHOPPING IS NOT ART…”

  1. benfranklin Says:

    REGARDING UNIVERSAL LOVE (enwr 206 revisited)

    1. I heard (second hand, from kurt–“hero in heaven”) that immendorff has been re-tiling the space shuttle Columbia with gilbert & george boards for atmospheric re-entry.

    2. Andy, too! Also Steve-O is in Philadelphia now. Can I Add without a Trace of Irony? Yr Work is Just Fabulous! But Time to Hit the Road; She is After Me…Elizabeth Peyton, That Is! Tell Guy Gang Guangzhou Down South “E SAY HI & J CREW IS…BI NOW.”

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