September 6, 2006


SKSK September 2006


7 Responses to “”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I LOVE the Velvet Underground painting I saw!

  2. mario Says:

    steve- great!

    hope to see more!

    real hot hot dogs! 🙂

  3. Jenn Moody Says:

    My friend just ordered a sampling of your work for her husband and I loved it! They got about 17 pieces of artwork and I was wondering how I could do the same. I really would like to add to the wonderful pices that I have already.

  4. just ordered my second load of your everthegreatest paintings and I am sitting here and can’t wait for the deliveryperson with the package. I hope this time that one painting will be a fussball/soccer piece. i have seen one right here on this page above. dear steve, I greet you and wish you 130.000 more pieces in your lifetime. at least. and of them maybe 100 just for me. greetings from graz in austria. reinhard

  5. jen Says:

    love love love – big mucho love.

  6. Gill Holland Says:

    We would like to offer you a show here at The Green Building in Louisville. We are huge fans!

  7. A Great post, I will save this in my Diigo account. Have a good evening.

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